Danny De Vito’s Limoncello

“I’m very particular about my Limoncello,” Danny DeVito says.

“The balance has to be right. If it’s too sweet, it tastes like a lemon drop. If it’s too tart, then it’s not right for me either … I guess I’m just like Goldilocks,” he adds, laughing.

DeVito’s limoncello is made with lemons from Sorrento and is the only brand awarded an IGP designation, Italy’s prestigious mark of authenticity. The secret to perfect limoncello lies in the zest of prized, highly scented Sorrento lemons and their essential oils. Neither pith nor juice is ever used. “Just the smallest part of the white can make the limoncello sour,” says DeVito, who spent years perfecting his favorite liqueur.

“I’m descended from Italian grandparents,” says DeVito. “That made it a little easier to get started and to get access to these wonderful lemons.”

Limoncello has been enjoyed for centuries in Italy. It’s the quintessential aperitif that’s sipped after dinner and often described as “sunshine in a bottle.”

“I like to drink mine in all kinds of ways,” says DeVito. “I make a great martini, I like it over ice, and I even make a “shaved ice” palate cleanser when people come to dinner.”

At nighttime, DeVito says he likes a shot of limoncello in freshly made mint tea – just before he gets into a bed that’s not too hard, not too lumpy, but, like his limoncello, just right.

The following HILuxury cocktail was created in honor of Sorrento, the world-renowned region on the Amalfi coast where DeVito’s limoncello is made. And to celebrate entertainment and the arts, we took HILuxury to the bar at Stage restaurant, where general manager Charly Yoshida helped mix up our refreshing Sorrentino.


Recipe and photo by Jo McGarry

Limoncello Cocktail

Recipe Courtesy Francesco Lafranconi Created for Danny DeVito

* 1 ounce Danny DeVito’s Limoncello
* 1 ounce Campari
* 1 ounce Cinzano Sweet Vermouth


Pour all ingredients “on the rocks” and top with club soda or San Pellegrino sparkling water.


Sprig of thyme and orange slice

Stage At the Honolulu Design Center
1250 Kapiolani Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96814

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