Luxe Movie Snacks

When faced with the challenge of creating luxe snacks for a night at the movies, we headed north to Turtle Bay and the expertise of Fred DeAngelo, chef/ owner of Ola. Fred and his crew are no strangers to life on celluloid. From Lost launch parties, catering for the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and lunch for Julia Roberts, Fred frequently makes food for the famous.

This month he begins a series of “Movies on the Beach” on the sands of Ola. So when we asked him to create a couple of HILuxury bites, the results were simple yet stunning, and easy to re-create at your own private screening.

In this recipe, de-veined shrimp are divine with a locally inspired dip.

Shrimp Lollipop Luau Recipe

Recipe courtesy Chef Fred DeAngelo, Ola at Turtle Bay Preparation for 6 Guests


*Medium- to large-size shrimp, cleaned and de-veined
* 1 pound fresh spinach leaves, cleaned
* 3 cups coconut milk
* 4 ounces onion, diced to 1/4-inch pieces
* 2 teaspoons salad oil
* 1 lemon
* Salt and white pepper to taste

Shrimp/Sauce Method

1. Clean shrimp by removing the shell but leaving the tail intact. Slice down the back of the shrimp to remove the vein.

2. Butterfly the shrimp and in the center, cut a 1/4-inch hole through the middle of the shrimp.

3. Bring the tail through the hole, forming the shrimp into a “lollipop.” Set aside.

4. Remove stems from spinach leaves and finely chop.

5. In a saucepan, sweat onions in salad oil for two minutes over medium-high heat. Add in chopped spinach, reduce heat and allow for all moisture to be released.

6. Once spinach appears to dry, add coconut milk, allow to simmer until thick. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

7. In a medium-size sauté pan, heat salad oil until just smoking. Add in shrimp and sauté until just done (about 2 minutes). Squeeze lemon over shrimp, season with salt and pepper. Reserve.

8. Place spinach luau sauce onto a serving platter; arrange shrimp onto sauce with tails facing up. Serve immediately.

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