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The evergreen styles of Brunello Cucinelli.

First let me say that it’s lovely to be back on this page, writing On Trend for the first time in a few years. Since moving back to New York, I’m still working in media, but entirely on the advertising side of things … naturally, style and the world and business of fashion are still a passion for me, so it’s fantastic to be back here!

By now we’ve all heard about the art of uncluttering, made famous by Japan author Marie Kondo. If an object doesn’t bring you joy, remove it from your life! It sounds harsh, but I’ve come to believe it’s true—especially when it comes to clothing, and your resulting style. Some subscribe to the more is more philosophy, and more power to them if that makes them happy.

For me, having 10 to 15 amazing pieces that I can wear with joy is a far better feeling than having a closet full of choices … none of which I am truly invested in.

Maybe it’s because I live in NYC, where space is a luxury and therefore a valuable commodity (even if my own apartment does have good closet space by comparison!), but I am all about not only purging items that no longer serve me, but also doing my best to make good choices when I shop. I ask myself these three things: Will I be able to wear it with at least 5-7 other pieces in my wardrobe? Will I want to wear it a year from now? Is it practical? That last question is not always the most fun one, but it’s a good idea to pose it.

I ask myself these questions no matter what the situation is—if I’m buying something at full price, on sale, at a sample sale… it shouldn’t make a difference when you really think about it. No matter the cost, it’s still taking up space in your life.

Of course, in my dream world, my wardrobe would consist of nothing but both basic and statement pieces from The Row and Celine, with a little Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli thrown in (cashmere, of course!) for good measure. While I’m not living in that world just yet, I tell myself I’m preparing for it by letting go of what I don’t need or truly enjoy. What you desire can’t find you if your light is hidden underneath clothes that don’t do you justice!

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