Time Machine Queen

Dr. Tess Mauricio’s latest anti-aging treatment claims to make you look years younger sans surgery.

It would be difficult to believe that fresh-faced, glowing beauty and “America’s Favorite Dermatologist” Dr. Tess Mauricio suffered from a bad case of eczema as a child. In fact, her mom would have her daughter wear knee-high socks to camouflage the scars. Fast-forward to the present, and “Dr. Tess” is the one helping others with their skin as a cosmetic dermatologist. Mauricio was in the islands recently, promoting her newest invention a procedure called Time Machine (or shall we say Fountain of Youth?).

“We are bringing this advanced technology to Hawai‘i, so that other doctors and practitioners can offer this amazing nonsurgical combination procedure that can turn back the clock 10 to 20 years,” she confirms.

The Time Machine procedure addresses all the factors that contribute to signs of skin aging: skin deterioration and sun damage, sagging, loss of volume and wrinkles. Mauricio says each treatment plan is personalized for each patient.


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“Patients will look natural. You’ll notice improvement on the eyelids, under the eyes, cheeks, pores and more. The Time Machine will give you so much more than a face or neck lift. Despite great genetics, aging happens to everyone.”

So, how exactly do we reverse the signs of aging? According to Mauricio, skin resurfacing is key.

“As we age, we start to lose volume in the under-eye area, cheeks and around the mouth. The Time Machine procedure vaporizes old skin via radio frequencies, and now we are seeing results from platelet rich plasma in our own blood. Once we collect blood from the patient, the blood goes into a special test tube, separating red blood cells from a clear serum (platelet-rich plasma).

“Platelet-rich plasma is used immediately, and is applied with a micro pen to the entire face or problem areas. The micro pen drives the plasma deeper into the layers of the skin, helping to repair and rebuild collagen. Plasma is our body’s natural volumizer,” Mauricio explains, noting that the procedure is a permanent reset of the aging process.

Currently, Mauricio oversees five clinics in Southern California. She’s also expanded her reach to a global audience, having appeared on nationally televised shows, such as Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, The Doctors, America’s Next Top Model, The Talk and more, where she’s shared her expertise and revealed some of the best modern-day beauty secrets.

This fall, Mauricio launches skincare line, Dr. Tess Timeless MD that treats pigmentation and discoloration, while also offering anti-aging benefits.

For more information on Dr. Tess Mauricio, visit www.scrippsderm.com

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