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Kailua resident Sabino Manzulli spends much of his time traveling the world to practice his one-of-a- kind Total Emotional Release technique.

As the creator of the total emotional holistic practitioner Sabino Maznulli’s healing touch goes beyond physical.

There is often a bit of push-pull when it comes to healing practices. Some see it as a physical process, while others take a mind-over-matter approach. But truth be told, healing perspectives need not be opposing forces, or if they are, perhaps it’s more in that both are equally intrinsic—oppo- sites but complementary. And while holistic practitioner Sabino Manzulli’s form of healing is considered “alternative medicine,” there’s something to be said about healing one’s mind so one can successfully move forward to heal the body.

He has followed this method of incorporating both physical and mental aspects of recovery via his Total Emotional Release technique. It’s a practice that aims to harmonize the body, mind, and yes, even your spirit by releasing negative energies that may have been locked for an indefinite amount of time within the body. And once this energy has been released— only then can the body heal itself most effectively from a physical standpoint. For instance, according to Manzulli, injuries, chronic pain or other life-threatening conditions have been treated with Total Emotional Release therapy with promising results.

“Once we start the process of wanting to do something for yourself, there is the secret aspect of your subconscious that steps in—the subconscious is a major watchdog of all your wishes, all your dreams,” Manzulli opines. “Only when you’re ready to receive it, does it open up and allow you to get where you want to go. But you need to prove [that you really want to make a change]. As you start getting into it, then the opportunities for change are there and will manifest in one way or another.”

He’s seen the positive effects happen firsthand with his clients, which in turn have recounted their experiences with others. Eventually, wellness centers from all over the world came calling, asking Manzulli to facilitate special programs at their spas and retreats as a “visiting master.”

These days, Manzulli—a longtime Kailua resident—has been traveling around the world to share this healing method during workshops and master programs throughout the year. Just in 2018 alone, he spent several months traveling to various spa retreats and healing centers in Asia and beyond including Four Seasons Resorts in Thailand, China and the Maldives. His most recent workshop took him to Geneva—a bit closer to where he grew up as a child.

Though Manzulli was born in Italy, he was raised in Switzerland and has been living in Hawai‘i for more than 30 years. As a child, he had always wanted to heal people in some way but didn’t quite know how where to begin. It wasn’t until he was an adult that the desire truly manifested into his lifelong calling—during his honeymoon, of all times. Back in 1997, he and his wife were driving along a road in southern Italy when a truck collided with their car, leaving their vehicle beyond repair, while the two of them came out of the wreckage relatively unscathed. Manzulli had an epiphany that day: “the fragility of life” became all too real.

Shortly following the accident, Manzulli went back to school to get licensed to practice massage. Fast-forward to today—with two decades of experience under his wing—Manzulli currently focuses on his aforementioned Total Emotional Release therapy, where he utilizes the practice of massage, including structural alignment, deep breathing exercises, bodywork and energetic balancing in conjunction with his ability to read the various energies the body has.

“There is a theory that we have meridians in the body, and each organ has its own meridian, and [in turn], each organ has the ability to process emotional components of our life. For example, anger is all about the liver; territorial issues is all about your kidney … so there are all these combinations of things—meridians, energy blockages—that we don’t understand unless you are made aware of it.”

And in so pinpointing these issues and energy blockages within the body, Manzulli works with his clients to re- lease these emotional obstacles. From a physical perspective, this “release” is similar to spasms and vibrations that your body makes, when holding a Pilates or yoga pose to the point where your body quivers in an effort to re- main in the position, at times, it can be even more extreme. After the body goes through the process of releasing the energy that was once blocked, the session ends leaving one with a clearer mind in addition to having reactivated the body’s natural response to healing.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all result when it comes to recovery since everyone has different issues/ ailments to remedy. But the mindset should be somewhat universal—that it should be open and willing to explore out-of-the-box approaches to healing and perhaps, enlightenment.

As Manzulli describes it, “Enlightenment is like walking into a dark room and you’re looking for a switch, and that experience translates itself into that switch—you find it, you turn it on, and there’s light. You can then see the things that you need to do …”

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