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For many people, eyeglasses are a daily necessity. So it’s important to find the right pair, as it often can become a person’s trademark accessory.

“If you have a round face, I would recommend a square or rectangular shape, it’ll look more sharp,” suggests Hitoshi Otsuka, vice president at Honolulu Optical Co., which owns Tokyo Optical in Shirokiya. “If you have a square face, then I would recommend a softer shape, such as an aviator or round shape.”

Additionally, Otsuka offers the following tips as well: Your eyeglasses should not give you headaches. If it does, it could be too tight. Or if just one side hurts but not the other, your glasses may be off-balanced. Also, you shouldn’t have to constantly adjust or push up your glasses, nor should the arms/temples of your glasses be stretched to the side of your face. If this occurs, choose a wider frame. Lastly, if you wear glasses all day and there are some marks on the top of your ears, it’s OK. But there shouldn’t be any on your face-that’s a sign that it’s too tight.

As for the latest trend in men’s eyewear, Otsuka says it’s retro styles, such as round plastic frames and bigger rectangular frames. “Plastic frames are definitely the trend, even for older gentlemen,” he says. “Color also is getting popular. Men are wearing not just the classic colors, but many, especially in Japan, are wearing white frames in both plastic and metal, and colored frames, such as red, orange and green.”

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