Soleil Shields

Luxe sun products to protect and perfect.

Summer months evoke women’s desires for sun-kissed, goddess-worthy skin. while leisurely passing après-midi poolside, cocktail in hand, sounds glamorous, inevitable UVA/UVB rays are extremely damaging to a lady’s complexion. Alas, investing in proper sunscreen prevents formidable rouge hues and worn leather complexions. Salvage vacations and guard against misleading tropical breezes with creams, sprays, lotions and faux glows such as these. Shiseido’s limited edition ceruleanand green-hued UV Protection Compact defends skin and delivers a smooth, matte finish. Pair the product with its hair, neck and visage-friendly Ultimate Sun Protection Spray for ultra lightweight insurance. Not a spray fan? Peter Thomas Roth offers classic coverage in Sheer Liquid SPF, a multivitamin-enhanced oil-free, waterproof solvent. Or, ménage à trois with La Mer. Its Soleil de la Mer Collection captures luxurious sun care in a glorious trio. SPF-laced to ward off environmental damage, Lancôme’s Bienfait is also a beach lover’s benevolent. Sol shy? Showcase a glowing, mid-solstice skin tone with Elemental Herbology’s Sun Kiss, a quotidian sugar beet botanical cream elevated with self-tanner, watermelon seed oil, pomegranate and fig extracts. And, for the fair femmes: Protect porcelain pigments with Diorsnow, a fruit de Dior worthy of Disney’s princess. So bask carefree, bathing beauties, with these soleil shields.

Strike A Pose with Talaya Talley

POSE: Upward-Facing Dog Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Oord-Vah Moo-Kah Shvon-Ahs-Anna) Urdhva Mukha = Face Upward (Urdhva = Upward, Mukha = Face) Svana = Dog


Photo courtesy Thomson photography; Model: Kate Jaremko, Corepower Yoga

Get om with it-this power move will center your body and mind. Namaste.

Upward-Facing Dog improves your posture and feels so good when you have been sitting at a desk for long hours, or hunched when you spend time on the couch. When done correctly, it can strengthen your spine, arms, wrists and even firm your glute muscles. It’s the exact opposite of sitting stagnate. Next time you feel like you are curled up like a kitty, try upward-facing dog.

Talaya Talley is an instructor at CorePower Yoga.

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