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Spa Luna’s Pineapple Pedicure a decadent experience

You look out, and on the left, a surfer drops in on a glassy, perfect wave. To his far right, there’s a humpback whale frolicking in the deep blue. Then you glance in the distance and see picturesque mountains as a backdrop of a beautiful blue Hawaiian sky.

All this, while … getting a pedicure?

Spa Luana, located at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore, offers the normal services that other spas offer, but also has an entire menu of indigenous services such as the Pineapple Pedicure.

So what is the Pineapple Pedicure?

After entering a serene but welcoming reception desk, you’re taken to an outdoor patio-like covered ground, fronting the beach in a semi-private area, where just in front of you, as if looking through a picture window, are crashing waves and clear, blue sky.

You’re seated on comfortable lounge chairs and your feet are placed into a warm coconut milk soak, where your feet rest in the luxurious, soft, almost too good to be true concoction of coconut milk, oils and warm water, kept at a comfortable temperature from the warm lava rocks that rest under your feet.

As your toes work between the lava rocks, your technician carefully explains each procedure, the ingredients used, its purposes and what you have to look forward to next.

After what feels like too short a time to soak in the heavenly warm coconut milk foot bath, your technician starts to mix together a scrub. Not just any scrub, but a scrub that would have definitely softened the soles of any ancient Hawaiian trek-ker going barefoot through treacherous grounds.

Made of Hawaiian alae salt, coconut flakes and mixed with a kukui nut oil, the technician carefully applies with ease, what would seem to be difficult, for an amateur, onto the legs and feet; and gingerly rubs the scrub into your lower calves, ankles, feet and toes. Not in any way harsh or painful, the scrub very gently exfoliates dead, dry and tired skin cells away from the surface.

Then it’s the “normal” pedicure stuff; pushing back the cuticles, trimming the toenails and filing them down to your desired length. It’s almost unnoticeable as your feet and legs are still tingling and soft from the first few procedures.

Next is the part where “Pineapple Pedicure” gets its namesake. The technician applies Hawaii-made honey to your legs and immediately places diced pineapple atop the honey mixture. She explains the properties of each, honey is an antibacterial, a great ingredient in cleansers and something used commonly in facials, and even when surfers and other ocean-goers get reef cuts.

Then comes the explanation of the yummy-too-good-to-put-on-your-legs pineapple. The technician explains that pineapple is a natural tenderizing agent which works to give you soft and supple skin. After the honey and pineapple application is done, the technician wraps your legs and feet in hot towels infused with peppermint; the heat helps to activate the pineapples, and the peppermint is commonly used in foot procedures to help soothe and alleviate sore and tired feet.

The technician explains the pineapple and honey mixture will easily flake off after the towels are removed. Still not believing that something that looks that yummy can do the legs and toes wonders, you sit for a few moments while still enjoying the rolling waves and beautiful tradewind weather in the outdoor “patio” area.

Then comes for the moisturizing part. After the hot towels are removed, the technician carefully applies an aloe vera gel onto your legs and feet. She then rubs a coconut/kukui nut after bath lotion onto your legs and feet and begins what most of us look forward to: the massage.

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