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We Put Wave Technology to the Test

AFTER A QUICK CONSULTATION TO GAUGE HIS SKIN CONDITION, our Pellevé wrinkle-removal guinea pig Jeffrey Williams was cleared for a treatment.

It’s a familiar story: Williams looked in the mirror one day and saw subtle, fine lines on his face that had eluded his glances prior.

“I’m going to be 45,” says this on-the-go sales representative. “I thought it was time to start paying attention-and nip things before it gets too late.”

Pellevé, a new FDA-approved treatment that recently arrived in Hawai’i, uses radio waves in a quick, non-invasive manner to help tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. A special wand heats the skin below the surface, spurring the production of revitalizing, naturally skin-plumping collagen.

Following a skin analysis, plus the essential photo shoot to gauge skin condition before and after, the treatment begins. An application of soothing gel allows for smooth gliding with the wand, which will initiate the radio wave conductivity on the skin’s surface. At this point, Williams noted that his face began to “heat up.” Clients shouldn’t worry about burns: Williams describes the heat as a “comfortable, warm massage.”

“It felt really good,” he said, just before nodding off as the procedure neared completion.

Williams says he noticed changes in his skin immediately. To confirm this, the doctor placed a set photos before us; the “before” image overlapping the “after.” It was clear as day: There was new lift and plumpness under his eyes and in the cheeks.

The true test of his midday treatment came when he went out later in the evening, as several people-none of whom had any idea he’d had any type of treatment-“told me I looked refreshed and energized.”

The sudden spate of comments left Williams realizing how much attention people pay to others’ appearance, often without saying a word. Rather than making him uncomfortable, he said others’ comments left him feeling more confident.

Although Pellevé is offered for men and women, Williams said he believes it’s ideal for men (like him) who don’t want a lot of fuss, or “froufrou” treatments.

“Let’s face it-we men are genetically lazy about our appearance,” says Williams. “To know I can just go in and have this treatment done, and not have to follow it up with powders or creams or whatever-that is half the battle.”

With the surge of attention men have received in the media over their concerns with aging as of recent, the timing of Pellevé’s treatment is ideal.

“We don’t show it as much or talk about it as much as women, but I think we care equally,” he adds.

Pelleve is available exclusively in Hawai’i through Dr. William Wong, MD, 487-7938.

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