Connecting sea and space, LA MER'S THE CONCENTRATE infuses the wonders of ocean waters and aerospace physics. La Mer is skincare's

Prim Potent

Concentrated serums that go the distance.

Explorer juan ponce de léon never discovered herodotus’ fountain of youth, leaving us to evermore daydream of an enchanted spring possessing eternal beauty. scientists, however, created and condensed a formula modeled after mythology’s age-defying alchemy into a jar: the serum. Highly concentrated, serums are mini miracle workers, penetrating deeply into skin’s pores, grace à its tiny molecule structures. We’ve selected eight super serums, specially designed to cure various peau imperfections. To brighten or to tighten, pick your potion.


Dermaplaning is a restorative technique that gently brushes a 1.5-inch blade across the face to remove old cells and facial hair. Popularized in urban metropolises, the initially terror-inducing treatment, often referred to as “facial shaving,” is a quotidian regimen, resulting in silky smooth skin.

Praised for its ability to erase residue bypassed during daily care, dermaplaning is essentially an advanced method of exfoliation; it reduces fine lines, pores and wrinkles and reawaens skin’s natural iridescence.

“Consider derma-planing deep teeth cleaning for the face,” explains Honolulu aesthetician Joëlle Johnson. “Following treatment, makeup applies nicer, and serums absorb more effectively.”

Folklore tells, “Beauty is pain,” yet dermaplaning enthusiasts enjoy rejuvenating cosmetic results, without torment.

“Patients often compare it to a sheet of paper delicately gliding across skin,” Johnson assures.

Whether seeking hair removal or exfoliation, Johnson’s diverse clientele ranges from 18 to nearly 80 years old. Like facials, treatment packages vary greatly dependent upon budget and desired outcome, devout regulars scheduling appointments every four to six weeks.

Transform fear to faith, and enter a noble league of dermaplaning disciples. With Monroe and Cleopatra as aficionados, you will be in good company.

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