Creating a well-organized space starts with culling your wardrobe of unneccessary items. Touches such as interesting lighting features and sitting areas complete the look of a chic closet (photos courtesy LA Closet Design).

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What’s in your closet?

Closets now have become the new “man cave,” so says Lisa Adams of La Closet Design. “Whereas before it was their office or the den or the garage, I feel that the closet has become this place where they can do whatever they want,” she boldly states. “They don’t have to follow the rules or match their wives’ closets; it can be whatever they want it to be.”

A native of Honolulu, Adams is a national luxury closet designer and organizational expert who counts celebrities Kris Jenner, Kyle Richards, Whitney Port and Jillian Michaels as just a few of her clients. She has been featured in the pages of Forbes, InStyle, People and C Magazine, and in 2013, Adams hosted the special “Million Dollar Closets” on HGTV.

Here, the designer (and University Laboratory School alumna) shares with HILuxury readers her top tips to revitalize a man’s closet.

Edit, edit, edit. Clutter creates mental chaos and can add undue stress to a person’s daily routine.

“It’s the universal problem I’ve found in most closets; if it’s cluttered, you can’t think in your space,” Adams says.

Her solution is to merchandise a closet similarly to a boutique.

“If you really like the way Nike displays its shoes or how the lighting is in Ferragamo, then try to recreate that in your home closet,” Adams says. “If they have these inspiration images or these ideas, that certainly helps to design their space.”

A place for everything. According to Adams, the No. 1 problem she finds when tackling men’s closets is a lack of organization.

“In a man’s closet, usually they have a few drawers, shelves, but then where do your ties go? Where do your belts go? There’s no specific place for every item,” she says.

Rather than “dump” items on the ground or into miscellaneous drawers, Adams suggests men equip their closet with a landing counter, catchall drawer or hooks where they can place everyday items such as keys, a wallet or a favorite pair of jeans so that they are easily accessible without being in the way.

“Hangers also are important,” Adams notes. “Having unified hangers-whether they’re wood or felt or wire-helps make everything look very cohesive in the space and is a quick way of making the closet look more luxurious.”

Think outside the box. “I can’t think of a more perfect space in the house that requires attention to detail, but also this creativity,” Adams says, who created LA Closet Design 2007, because she had noticed that closets often were overlooked in terms of design and function.

To keep closets in the 21st century, Adams suggests incorporating unexpected amenities like plush seating, a wine chiller or refrigerator, a freestanding safe, an entertainment system, watch-winder drawers and lighted hangers.

“Doing a cool light fixture, adding decorative handles, installing leather floors, doing drawer inserts-every drawer being lined or doing a special customized insert for cufflinks and watches and sunglasses-that’s definitely a way of adding luxury to your space,” Adams says.

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