Ooh La Lash!

Not quite ready for extensions? Give your lashes a boost without the glue.


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Lashe LAB owner Jennifer Yee advises her clients to stay away from waterproof mascara, avoid overusing eyelash curlers and always use a mascara primer if they want to keep their lashes healthy (photos courtesy Lashe Lab, Benefit Cosmetics).

Here’s the thing about lashes: there’s a fine line between natural looking lashes and over-the-top faux lashes. For those looking for a low maintenance, natural looking alternative to eyelash extensions, lash lifts are right down your alley. Lash lifts add a curl to otherwise straight lashes, giving you a natural-looking boost similar to the look of an eyelash curler.

Jennifer Yee, designer lash artist and owner of Lashe LAB, reinvents traditional lash lifts with her signature “Lashe Lift” treatment. Since opening Lashe LAB in 2014, Yee has become one of the most recognized lash experts in Hawai‘i. She even planned Hawai‘i’s first lash workshop with an international lash trainer, Flawless Lashes Training Academy Founder/Director Loreta Jasilionyte from England. Today, Yee is known as the go-to person to fix botched lashes, whether it’s from eyelash extensions gone wrong or overusing eyelash curlers.

It’s easy to see why lash lifts—especially Yee’s version—are so popular: they’re the all-natural alternative to eyelash extensions that lasts six to eight weeks. Plus, Lashe Lifts give eyelashes a perfect curl and a subtle color tint. The process starts with Yee’s custom lash shampoo that gently gets rid of any residue or buildup on your lashes, giving her a blank canvas to work on. After your lashes are nice and clean, she places silicone lash lift rods onto each eyelid and brushes the top lashes up to follow the lifted, curved shape of the rod. Yee meticulously grooms your lashes to make sure every single lash is curved correctly. After your lashes sit on the rod long enough to take its shape, she mixes a lash tint that’s customized to your hair color and brushes on the tint. Once your lashes are tinted, you open your eyes to automatically noticeable results—longer looking lashes that are curled sans eyelash curler.

“What I love about this lash lift is that I found a rod that vertically takes the lashes straight up,” Yee says. This “straight” curl is ideal for people with relatively short lashes who don’t want to resort to damaging eyelash curlers everyday. The treatment also gives you the freedom to switch off between barefaced days with naked lashes or glam days with mascara and the works. “You can use some makeup with [lash lifts]. Some people don’t [use makeup] because they feel like it’s enough, but if you want that extra volume or vava-voom look, I always recommend a primer and a really good mascara,” Yee says. Just make sure that the mascara isn’t waterproof—which she says is a surefire way to destroy your lashes.

As word on the street spreads about lash lifts, Yee’s client list keeps growing. The best way to book a consultation or appointment with Yee is by emailing jenn@lashelab.com.

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