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How to get Luscious Lashes

A FRIEND OF MINE QUIT HER GREAT JOB ON A WHIM, intent on starting a new life in Shanghai. Afterward, she had only one regret: not knowing how she would find a reliable source for eyelash extensions while living abroad.

At one time, the only tools at our disposal were mascara and metal curling contraptions that pinched and plucked. These days, science has delivered formulas that lengthen and glues that bond extensions to what little fringe we have.

Most of you probably know that Latisse was the game-changer in early 2009. But what many are not aware of is that doctors started noticing a quirky side effect of a glaucoma drug called Lumigan that caused patients’ eyelashes to grow long and full.

Dr. Hugo Higa, of Aesthetic Vision Center, confirmed that the effect was particularly noticeable when patients used the medication on one eye. And while some men were desperate to trim off the long lashes, women saw the effect as a miracle on par with the lost fountain of youth. A craze was born.

[Note that, most unfortunately, the current product offerings last only as long as you continue using them. And one must be under a doctor’s care to purchase Latisse; $125 for a month’s supply]

RevitaLash: Non-prescription lash lengthener. A six-month supply is $150.

Peter Thomas Roth “Lashes To Die For”: Enhances your lashes in about four weeks, with vitamins A, C and E to soften in addition to lengthening lashes. $125 at Sephora.

NeuLash: Billed as a conditioner, neuLash nourishes dehydrated, brittle lashes to promote healthier, fuller and longer-looking lashes. It’s available at Neiman Marcus at $85 for a 60-day supply, or $150 for a 120-day supply.


If you have four hours to spare, you might try glued on lash extensions. A full set costs about $250-$300-plus, and lasts about a month. Once you have a full set, shorter touch-up sessions can be scheduled to replace lost hairs.

Local practitioners include Jacque Rojas of Jacque Rojas Salon (955-5600) and Kristin Wood of Kristin Wood Beauty Boutique (738-7386).


There are plenty of options for top lashes, but puny lower lashes haven’t been addressed until now. Clinique recently introduced its Bottom Lash Mascara, with a micro mini brush and smudge-free formula.

Also, look beyond the Western beauty counter to some options from Asia, such as the Noevir Group’s Sana Extra Large Mascara, available at Nijiya Market.

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