Deep Healing

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Native Hawaiian Healing Practices Inspire SpaHalekulani’s Treatments

LENA NU’UMEALANI MOSSMAN WAS RAISED learning how to utilize Native Hawaiian ingredients in salves, balms and tonics to relieve aches, pains and ailments. A pinch of alae, or Hawaiian red salt, was placed under the tongue to cure nausea, mixed with water and gargled to soothe a sore throat, or used as a foot bath to revive tired feet. Her family drank turmeric ‘olena to reduce fever, and rubbed aloe on burns and insect bites.

“When our bodies were tired, we’d go to the ocean and soak in the salt water,” says Mossman, who went on to study with a venerable list of Hawaii’s most respected traditional healing masters.

Knowledge of these humble home remedies and the notion of spiritual as well as physical wellness now bolster her work as the director of SpaHalekulani, where she brings the authenticity of ancient Hawaiian ritual into the contemporary luxury environment.

The compilation of this vast knowledge has paved the way for “Waianuhea” at SpaHalekulani.

Named for a freshwater spring lying under the beach fronting the property, “Waianuhea” means “cool, soft, fragrant water.”

The treatment uses healing properties from alae and limu kala (seaweed) plus the scent of night-blooming jasmine to stimulate healing.

“People who have had the Waianuhea treatment…They open themselves just enough to receive what they’re able to receive. There are others who need a little more time, but that’s all the process of healing.”

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