On and Off the Cuff

HILux’s “Style Guy” Waxes on the Details of Dress

MOST MEN RESERVE CUFF LINKS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS, but Patrick Gey, dapper man about town, suggests this does not need be the case.

“The elegant man always pays attention to details,” he says. “a man with a refined lifestyle could be defined as a man who attaches importance to details that are not always noticed by everyone, but details that make a difference for those who notice them.”

In his view, cuff links should be as much a part of everyday wear as a pair of beautiful shoes or a striking pair of sunglasses.

“Think, you are sitting in the conference room with 10 other business partners. Behind the table, only your upper body shows. the focus is narrowed down to your jacket, the shirt, the cuff, the cuff links,” he says.

What makes cuff links even more important in the age of globalization is the fact that executives in new York, Paris, London, Tokyo and shanghai are changing the protocols of appropriate dress, and in some instances, are eliminating the tie as a power statement. Yet, the eye searches for details and clues to an individual’s stature and aesthetic, and cuff links make a strong statement.

Gey adds that cufflinks also can add the finishing touch to your image when the occasion calls for a more casual look.

“I can think of nothing more elegant than a light summer shirt with french cuffs and cuff links,” he says.

An interesting aside: Gey grew up with the European tradition of the bride receiving a ring from her groom, and in return, presenting him with a gift of cuff links.

“They’re going to have them forever and treasure them for the rest of their lives,” he says.

For everyday wear, cuff links are available in silver and enamel, some bearing images of favorite animals or motifs representative of its wearers’ interests.

“You can have a black-tie event and it’s a luxury to have some very dramatic cuff links with diamonds and precious stones. It looks amazing to stretch a normally staid look to this level,” Gey says.

In this same regard, a woman can bolster her look through the selection of her earrings. Gey says that considering most women do not stray far from simple studs of precious metals and stones, he is not against the use of trendy, inexpensive earrings to bring drama to an outfit.

What matters most – just as in the case of men – is to attend to the details after you’ve compiled a beautiful outfit. The right earrings, he says, “completes the look of the woman.”

And, just as a woman keeps a jewelry box filled with treasures to suit any occasion, Gey says, “The man who has everything never has enough cuff links.”

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