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Love Renaissance, a luxury Japanese beauty line, recently hosted a skincare “slumber party” (read more here) at the Royal Hawaiian Center with creams, cosmetics, cupcakes and … Chanel muses? Oui.

While tasting and testing various sweets and beauty samples, my editor and I had the pleasure of meeting Gisele Zelauy, a Brazilian supermodel who is internationally recognized as Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for Maison Chanel. Strikingly beautiful with a vivacious personality, Zelauy is a natural fit as a Love Renaissance’s leading lady.

From catwalk to cosmetics, Zelauy oozes joie de vive and zest. We at HILuxury  wanted to know just what it is about Love Renaissance that makes this fashion and beauty icon tick…

Q.  What do you most adore about Love Renaissance? 

Typically, visiting a Love Renaissance (LR) store is every bit as fantastic as Alice in Wonderland’s fall down the rabbit hole, but this is even better. You soon find yourself in a “chandelierd” room with many shaped glass jars of all sizes and colors—yummy luxury skincare products displayed as though in a “mad skin party”—and women running around the spacious store like hyper kids in a candy factory sampling everything for that desirable, lustrous “all-day glow.” … LR is my newfound secret to the most vibrant and radiant skin. Love Renaissance is, what I call, “a Love mark.” …  it’s like walking into a phone booth with dull skin, and after the first wash, [coming] out with the super skin. It’s the new sensation in skincare; you must try for yourself.

Q. What Love Renaissance products do you incorporate into your daily regimen?

As you can only imagine, my beauty regimen is not like shooting a mosquito with an elephant gun. In my bathroom, I’m surrounded by yummy Love Renaissance products infused with serum displayed as though in a banquet for a sheik.  I was lucky to try every line from Love Renaissance and decide what works best for me, depending on what my skin has been craving.

LR’s distinctive beauty method to cleanse and nourish the skin is fairly simple: First, XTRUE Pink impurity-removing oil; Verdi Spuma deep cleansing foam; the VERDI Dolce mask type treatment gently massaged with a lifting motion; conditioning serum; and last, XTRUE 10am is massaged into the face … I repeat that morning and evening, since there is no discrepancy, I also use 10am or XTRUE Pink under my eyes, since I was thrilled to see my dark circles fade away after using it religiously.

Speaking from experience, there is no magic bullet, but sleeping is my greatest ally to keep my skin healthy. Again, LR came to my rescue. They have the most potent vitamin C in the market that, [if] taken during the day, gives you energy, and [if] taken right before going to bed, calms you down and put you into a deep sleep. It’s amazing!

Now, every morning as I wake up from my beauty sleep, I find myself asking, “Today, am I Love Renaissance XTRUE Pink cream, or 10am jellied cream?”

Q: Who’s your beauty muse?

Cleopatra would be it. Not only [did] the Queen of the Nile [understand] how to take advantage of bathing with milk for its vitamin E content to leave the skin smoother and more nourished, but she also made use of honey to trap moisture to the skin.

Another one of her beauty secrets: She washed her face many times a day using oil to remove [impurities]. Very Love Renaissance. If you have room in your medicine cabinet for one more product, consider the VERDI mask treatment Dolce line. The molasses-like serum has been casually dubbed as, “facelift in a jar,” and it has the power to show results instantly.

Now parting from Lagerfeld is one thing, as we all know today that bitterness only leads to Botox. In Cleopatra’s case, bitterness was a necessary evil. I don’t know what’s worse: to be bitter for living an exciting life like Cleopatra or at the realization that one’s life is flat and boring. Well, with Love Renaissance in my life, I have the upper hand on all of that. LR is my Shangri-La…

Interview 2

Follow Gisele’s cue, and perhaps you’ll “fall down the rabbit hole.” Discover the wonders of Love Renaissance at their Royal Hawaiian boutique.

Love Renaissance
Royal Hawaiian Center
2201 Kalakaua Ave.
(808) 923-0991
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Photos courtesy Gisele Zelauy/Love Renaissance 

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