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In HILuxury‘s holiday edition, we shared the top trinkets to keep that grin merry and bright throughout the holiday season. (See “Gleam Club” at this link.) While you’re stuffing stockings with smile-friendly goodies, we’re looking to 2016 … Approaching a new year, we again consulted Dr. Wynn Okuda to discover what’s to come from dental care.

What’s on the horizon in cosmetic dentistry?

Advancements in new esthetic materials will allow for more minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Preserving enamel and tooth structure is key to the future of cosmetic dentistry. Incorporating laser treatments, Botox, derma-fillers and digital solutions are also on the forefront of cosmetic-dental treatment.

What will these new products/treatments do?

It will affect the conservativeness of dental procedures. These new materials blend the best in strength and beauty, so long-term success is attainable.

Botox, derma-fillers and laser treatments will be used to conservatively treat the lips and surrounding soft tissue structures to create the ideal smile line for patients.

What are your thoughts for their outcome in Hawai‘i, worldwide?

Realizing the best results with these types of procedures relies on the artistry of the dentist. The best results will be attained by accredited dentists with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. These cosmetic dentists are the best dental artists in the world. In Hawai‘i, this will be available.

What trends have you noticed in teeth whitening, etc?

It hasn’t changed much lately. The best results will be obtained with a combination of in-office teeth whitening and at-home trays.

What new gadgets are now found in upscale dentistry offices?

Personal movie glasses, Netflix movies and personal iPads to watch to the latest in movies during treatment … Noise-reduction headphones, to remove all the sounds during the dental procedure [and] to reduce dental anxiety … Aromatherapy diffusors in the treatment rooms, to remove any bad dental smells … All of these help the patients create a spa–like atmosphere, resulting in the ultimate dental experience.

Are aromatherapy and massage therapy on the rise? If yes, what are your thoughts?

In my practice, we’ve been incorporating spa services for nearly 15 years. Patients are so delighted they don’t even want to leave our office—even after their appointment is done. Having fresh, fruit-infused water, along with incorporating wonderful amenities, like massage therapy, aromatherapy and audio-therapy, with our dental services not only reduces anxiety, but most importantly, it creates the optimum dental experience.

To learn more about Dr. Okuda and his services, find him online.

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