Shape Shifter

From body bootcamp to cryotherapy, fighter-turned-fitness pro Egan Inoue helps you stay fit and healthy.

Egan Inoue brings cryotherapy to O`ahu. Its benefits range from reduced signs of aging to increased cell rejuvenation (photos courtesy Egan Inoue).

Egan Inoue brings cryotherapy to O`ahu. Its benefits range from reduced signs of aging to increased cell rejuvenation (photos courtesy Egan Inoue).

Egan Inoue has made a name for himself around the world. While known for his dominance in mixed martial arts, he also has had his hand in racquetball, where he clocked a top speed of 191 mph, and brief stints on the big (and small) screen.

The MMA retiree left the sport with a TKO win over Hans Marrero back in 2008, and although he no longer competes in cage matches, at age 50 he still competes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championships. In fact, he recently returned from the Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship, where he finished in the semi-finals.

He also has turned his sights to helping others achieve their fitness goals and started Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp in 2010 and opened training centers across the island in Kailua, Honolulu and Aiea. During his years as a fighter and trainer, Inoue has seen many injuries and health complications, and now has added to his efforts to provide the community with assistance in health and fitness.

While training on the mainland, he experienced his first cryotherapy session after a long, hard day of training.

“I was able to train the next day just as hard as I did the first day,” he recalls. “I only train really hard two times a week, and the other days I’m trying to recover.” Immediately after trying cryotherapy, he was hooked.

“I thought to myself, ‘I need to own one of these,'” he says.

Th us sparked the beginning of what would eventually become CRyOTherapy Hawaii, which opened its doors in February. “Th e main benefit is blood circulation,” says Inoue.

In the freezing chamber, blood travels to a person’s core and circulates in that area and becomes oxygenated. After stepping out of the chamber, body temperature rises and that fresh, oxygenated blood circulates through the body. Th e end result is the production of more collagen (great for skin complexion), reduction of inflammation (common with sprains) and revitalization.

“To me and everyone that has experienced an ice bath, this is so much less painful,” says Inoue. “When you get into the cold plunge it doesn’t re-oxygenate all of the blood.”


And rather than staying in a cold plunge for up to 20 minutes, CRyOTherapy Hawaii’s Cryogenic Juka Spa Chamber keeps a person within the walls for no more than three minutes at temperatures near -250 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of a cold wetness surrounding the body, a refreshing mist made up of pure nitrogen is released within the walls of the chamber, which engulfs a person’s body but not the face.

In addition to the Cryogenic Juka Spa Chamber (which Inoue brought in from Poland), the establishment also houses an LCSD Unit (local cryo-stimulation device), which brings more intensity to a specific spot on the body. Th is method also is popular as a facial treatment.

“You immediately feel your skin getting tighter,” Inoue explains. “Your body is starting to renew and produce more collagen. It basically makes the skin rejuvenate.” Th e LCSD Unit prevents bad reactions to chemical products common in most facial treatments and is great at combatting acne, rashes and inflammation (like puffy, dark circles under the eyes).

Inoue recalls stories of athletes coming in with sprains and being able to return to training after a cryotherapy session, as well as helping people get off their blood pressure medication through exercise and training.

And it seems he always will have a hand in health and fitness—to the elation of many who have benefitted from his efforts.

“With Bootcamp and cryotherapy machine, I really feel like with those two things together I can help people improve their health and fitness,” he says.

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