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Jared Kushi has always know entrepreneurship would be his future. “I wanted to start my own company or change the world in one way or another,” he says. “Entrepreneurship gives you that flexibility to make an impact.”

Now, as co-founder of health and wellness company LifeDNA, he’s seeing that dream come to fruition. It launched last May to great fanfare, and since then has grown to become a premier resource for mindful health.

LifeDNA made its mark in the industry by providing personalized, customizable wellness supplements and skincare products based on an individual’s genetics.

It pulls from a well-curated database of more than 1,200 peer-reviewed studies, correlating specific genetic markers within an individual that allows scientists and researchers to determine if, for instance, that person is more prone to certain diseases or conditions.

“Certain deficiencies might mean you metabolize a certain vitamin less effectively than another person,” Kushi offers up as an example.

LifeDNA has on its scientific advisory board a myriad of geneticists, doctors, scholars and the like who look over all the company’s algorithms, ensuring each product that goes out meets the highest standards for every individual.

“The main thing that we’re trying to do is make sure it’s targeted toward you,” he adds. “We take into account your environment, where do you live and work, do you workout every day, are you in a colder climate, what do you have in your family medical history.”

All those efforts culminate in the client walking away with a well-thoughtout game plan on how to achieve specific wellness goals, whether it be boosting energy, losing weight or anything in between.

And Kushi knows firsthand that the products work. He was, in fact, LifeDNA’s first test subject, as he likes to joke, and has been taking his customized set of supplements since January 2017.

“I was kind of the guinea pig,” he says with a laugh. “I was low on energy and [couldn’t] focus, and I wanted to make sure I could be as efficient as possible. I definitely have more energy. I’m able to do more things and think clearer.”

And while science is a big part of the company, Kushi has been putting his background in business to good use as COO. He made sure his journey to what would one day become LifeDNA was filled with elements that would serve as a solid foundation. He took part in DECA competitions while in high school, and went on to earn four degrees from University of Hawai‘i at Manoa—international business, entrepreneurship, finance and management—all of which set him up to play an integral part on the administrative team.

During college, Kushi landed a gig as program associate for Blue Startups, eventually working his way up to program director after graduation. While there, he was able to garner a knowledge base steeped in every area of the business sphere.

He brings that same mentality to the table when it comes to LifeDNA. While the business kicked off with supplements and skincare, it has since grown to include a 12-month DNA health and optimization program. With this new timetable, clients get access to a certified LifeDNA expert that guides them through the process. Also in the works are ideas revolving around custom meal kits, fitness-oriented applications and more.

“We truly believe in our motto to do well by doing good,” he adds. “But the goal really is to be the one-stop shop for DNA-based health and wellness.”

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