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All my holiday de?cor has been packed away at last. Admittedly, my Christmas tree and garlands lingered well after my Holiday Hit List was removed from rotation on my Spotify account and countdowns from Times Square—shot from almost every angle imaginable—stopped running on television. Part of it is because I procrastinate, but it’s also because I do love seeing my home festooned with shiny ornaments, chenille throw on the couch (Yes, I know it’s too hot for a 5-pound blanket but who cares?), and cards from friends and family out on display for those few weeks. But as much as I hated seeing the holidays come and go, I was also ready to say farewell to 2017 and move onto 2018.

So here we are, well into the new year, with plenty to look forward to. And our latest issue of HILuxury is filled with everything and everyone to keep you inspired to strive for whatever your goal is for the months ahead.

First, we sit down with the multifaceted Jack Johnson. As this issue’s cover personality, Lianne Bidal Th ompson talks story with Johnson to see just how mellow this fellow really is. Apparently, he is anything but easygoing—at least when competition is involved. Read more on the singer/film-maker/philanthropist and find out what makes him tick (and, sometimes ticked off ) in “Th e Ballad of Jack,” on page 94. Johnson also discusses his short film, Smog of the Sea and a sailing trip he won’t soon forget.

And while the North Shore-based musician sailed the North Atlantic Gyre, an Italian skipper made his way to Hawai‘i’s Pacific waters on his way to Okinawa.

Renowned sailor Giovanni Soldini took a few locals out on the Maserati Multi70 going over 30 knots during Maserati’s Honolulu pit stop. We sent writer/ sailor/etc. Patrick Parsons to paint us a picture of what it was like to be one of the crewmembers on board. Read his account in “Flight of the Navigator,” on page 120.

Also in this issue, we highlight the work of another fellow who is clearly moved by the water. Artist Nick Wells, aka “Welzie” came to O‘ahu almost two decades ago to catch as many waves as he could. His love for the sea and the islands was channeled into something rather unexpected—surf-board art. Th e artist is known for his pop-infused resin creations and you may have even seen a few over on the North Shore. Writer Lindsey Kesel talks to Welzie about surfing, art and bucket lists in “Adventures in Welzie-Land,” on page 50.

If these three don’t inspire you to pursue your own passions, I’m not sure who will … So get out there and make the most of 2018. Enjoy the issue!

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