Match Play

Swing into spring with the latest clubs and apparel

Hawaii’s fairways are a great place to spend the beautiful days of April and May. HILuxury scoured the world’s best golf resources to bring you the latest equipment and apparel available this season.

To improve your golf game, Eddie Lee, director of instruction at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy on Maui, offers this tip:

“Too often, you will hit a low or thin golf shot and hear the criticizing remark, ‘keep your head down.’ Although it is imperative to maintain a consistent spine angle through the golf motion, elevating the head is not why an individual tops the ball. The reason for the topped golf shot is because the club head was not putting downward pressure on the golf ball, creating backspin. To rectify this situation, feel the weight of the clubhead working downward when you deliver the club from the top to the bottom of your swing. Get a sense of delivering the clubhead smoothly from the top of your swing, gradually picking up momentum.”

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