Decaf, Please

James’ new labradoodle, Decaf, has given him more comfort and happiness in his life as his companion animal. James and Decaf have a long friendship ahead of them both.

A furry friend makes all the difference for one very special six-year-old.

James’ laughter is know to fill up a room. You would never have known he’s had a rough past because of the joy that radiates from him. James, 6, grew up in foster care and his condition was a result of shaken baby syndrome. His incredible new family adopted him and gave him the love he always deserved. James’ favorite activities are spending time with his parents and six siblings, cuddling and being outside so he can feel the wind blowing in his face. Being non-verbal made it quite a challenge to figure out his tone one-true-wish, but with the help of his incredibly supportive family, they came up with something perfect! With James growing increasingly aware of his surroundings and in need of more attention, it’s been difficult for his parents to provide him with the attention he’d like. And with six other siblings, it’s definitely a struggle. They worry at times that James is lonely and would feel tremendously uplifted by having a trained therapy dog to keep him company. Additionally, this companion animal can grow with him and provide him joy and friendship for many years to come.

Enter Decaf, James’ new labradoodle. Decaf has given James more comfort and happiness in his life. James’ mom, Dana shares, “Decaf and James are both trauma survivors, and they are a comfort to one another. Since receiving Decaf, James’ feelings and emotions are being expressed more.” e new addition to the family is, “truly a blessing.”

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