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This is beyond glamping—luxury camping set-ups in uncharted territory is the way to take in everything your next destination has to offer.


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With Blink, it’s simple— choose a destination and the team at Black Tomato creates a customized experience around your preferences.

In a day and age where most people prefer their things “craft,” and their experiences unique and specially curated, even travel comes with allowances we never dreamed possible. Embarking on cookie-cutter trips—and following predictable itineraries already taken by friends and family members—is no longer necessary, thanks to an innovative company that’s revolutionizing the way we discover destinations around the globe.

For years, Black Tomato has worked to offer its clients rare, unexplored, luxury travel adventures, and now they’re taking this notion one step farther. Tom Marchant, owner and co-founder of the Black Tomato group, explains the evolution of a new concept called Blink, which creates luxury bespoke camping escapades. “Last year we saw a growing trend in clients seeking hyper-personalized experiences when they travel,” he says. The company took cues from those searching for locations so remote that no one has travelled there before, as well as those wanting every detail of their accommodation personalized to fit their specific wishes and needs. Black Tomato also sought inspiration from the worldwide rise of pop-up restaurants, bars and retail stores—a booming trend they decided to explore, too.

Marchant continues, “we wanted to give our clients the chance to have the most custom travel experience imaginable: to create and design their own luxury temporary accommodation in locations that are so private, pristine and untouched that no one else will have stayed there before (or again) in the same way.” The end result? A ground-breaking idea that carries an element of surprise, an air of mystery and the promise of magic.

The brand-new service takes around three to six months to plan, depending on the setting. the process begins by prospective clients filling out an online form and then speaking with the Black Tomato team to discuss initial destination and accommodation options. (Alternately, clients can mention somewhere they already have in mind and let the experts work from there.) Savvy employees take care of all the details—from the flights and campsites to excursions available during one’s stay.

The team is currently in the process of designing several experiences from scratch; they send ground teams to scout out new locations and to learn the lay of the land firsthand. Potential Blink locales range from Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia to Namibia, Switzerland and Morocco. Marchant says, “each country has its charm, lending itself to awe-inspiring adventures and once-in-a-lifetime moments.”

“With Blink, you can craft your dream luxury tented accommodation with our guidance and experience,” the company promises, drawing in wanderlusting customers with mentions of chic safari-style tents overlooking the mekong river and lunar-like bubbles on the bolivian altiplano. The company, whose staff members have “scoured the globe for some of the most remote and beautiful corners on the planet,” also chooses the most suitable tent structure for each Blink camp, based on customers’ location and environment of choice. Accommodations cover the gamut from romantic and intimate camps for two to luxury camp set-ups that can welcome the entire family.

Clients have the freedom of providing travel experts with as much or as little information as they’d like. Although most tend to express the type of landscape and setting they care to experience, the Blink team typically takes care of smaller details like the camp’s interior design, once familiarizing themselves with the clients’ likes and dislikes.

Marchant comments, “currently we are working on several inquiries to destinations such as Iceland, Mongolia, Chile and Peru. Here we are creating experiences for guests that include super jeep experiences to remote thermal lagoons from their Blink camp in Iceland (which can be set up as their own thermal spa for the day), to Blink camps that are only accessible by helicopters. At the camps, we can arrange for award-winning local chefs to come and design tailored menus for the clients and have exclusive experiences such as snowmobiling across remote glaciers and heli-hiking with expert local guides.”

Looking for an especially unique tale to bring home? Staying in a Blink camp in Mongolia might mean learning how to hunt with eagles, while on horseback, with the assistance of local nomadic tribes.

The company also abides by an admirable “leave no trace” credo, meaning that after you’ve made sensational memories at your meticulously designed, just-for-you camp, the structure gets taken down completely.The Blink team diligently ensures that nothing is left behind, allowing the natural environment to remain in its perfect, original state, as if you were never there at all.

Marchant summarizes, “Blink is so special because it addresses the traveler’s need to discover and have rare, unexplored experiences. Black Tomato was founded on this idea and has since committed to seeking out rare, exceptional experiences; Blink is one. it’s an exclusive new travel service that offers you the most personalized luxury travel experience imaginable in the most breathtaking locations.”

We already know that everything in life is fleeting; now, it turns out, our travel experiences can be, too.

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