Have Yacht, Will Travel

With a Sunseeker 75, getting there is practically all of the fun…

You can spot the Elyatt well before taking your first step on the boarding platform onto her spacious deck. With her sleek lines and sheer size, the 75-foot yacht is a head turner to say the least. Docked in Kewalo Basin, the Elyatt easily dwarfs the other boats in the harbor, and you can almost see the look of hope on tourists’ faces as they approach, hoping that this is their boat. Alas, the tour guide doesn’t break his stride. This is one charter you won’t find a coupon for…

Maui, HawaiÊ»i Island, KauaÊ»i, MolokaÊ»i— island-hopping takes an indulgent turn if you opt for a getaway via the Elyatt. With a recent revamp and interior overhaul, the spacious Sunseeker looks just as stunning on the inside as she does on the outside. The Elyatt boasts a well-appointed master stateroom, VIP stateroom, guest cabin and comfortably sleeps six (though can accommodate up to 12 people if it’s just a day charter). Throw in a highly experienced crew—Captains Lilly Cardenas and Joe Bardouche—to get you from island A to B, while deck mate Katherine Ziemann makes sure the Champagne stays chilled and your flute never goes empty.

“It’s more than just the yacht,” says Sergio De Oliveira, VP for Elyatt Luxury Yacht Charters. “It’s the overall experience that makes us stand out, and our crew’s strong attention to detail rounds out the first-class experience.”


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Complete with elegant dining area and sun lounge, the Elyatt takes you to your next destination without leaving the comforts of a five-star hotel behind.

While guests are responsible for packing trip “essentials” like sunglasses, sunblock and an iPod loaded with a playlist of yachting tunes, the Elyatt is fully equipped with everything else you might need. Indoor amenities include a 40-inch, Sony flat-screen HDTV, Bose speaker system, wine cooler and a kitchen that’ll please any personal chef. In fact, the folks at Elyatt have an impressive roster of chefs, masseuses and other service providers to help make your charter that much more enjoyable. And when you’re ready for some open-water action, take to the seas on a Jet Ski, wakeboard, Multisport inflatable or one of the other watersports provisions readily available. Still, if basking under the sun (or stars) is the only thing on the agenda, the spacious sunbed at the bow provides the ideal spot for sunning/stargazing.

You won’t find a menu of locales that the Elyatt travels to—it’s up to the guests to decide where to drop anchor. For the most part, guests don’t even know where they’d like to go. Instead, they’ll describe what they want to experience, and the staff will then give them a few different location suggestions based on the conditions.

“Year-round we’ve got access to great destinations,” Cardenas says. “In the summertime, Hanalei Bay and the Napali Coast [off] KauaÊ»i are popular, while Maui is a sought-after winter destination, because it’s whale-watching season.”

Another yachting perk? Access to the inaccessible. Many of HawaiÊ»i’s true hidden gems are just that—distant, isolated or difficult to get to. “We’ve anchored in places overnight, like Honopu on KauaÊ»i, and it’s only accessible by boat,” Bardouche shares. “And when we’re anchored there at night, you can’t see a manmade light; there are no more other tour boats, and it’s just us.”

Yet, you don’t have to go very far to feel a world away or beyond OÊ»ahu, for that matter. Aside from the outer-island experiences, even a trip to the West Side has its own bragging rights. “I think it’s very, underrated,” Cardenas says. “People don’t really think about how beautiful the ocean is on that side. From Yokohama Bay to Electric Beach, there are great places to stop and snorkel.”

The longest charter so far? A two-week jaunt. De Oliveira says, “It was more so the client could have the yacht on standby.

He would go from one island to another to visit a few friends on several islands.”

But even a few hours on the Elyatt might give you the luxury fix you’re yearning for, or in some cases, drop a few jaws while signing a contract. Apparently, more than a few companies have dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s while on board. So really, everything and anything is customizable for those interested in the Elyatt experience.

For more information, go to elyatt.com.

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