The holidays are also deemed the party season. Though it’s a chance to get dressed up, be careful that you don’t fall victim to any fashion and personal grooming faux pas. Here are some tips for looking prim and polished at your next big bash.

It’s always fun to get in the spirit by sporting holiday-themed clothing. Just don’t get too carried away. In Hawai‘i, where aloha shirts are the usual party and offce dress code, designers such as Tori Richard and Reyn Spooner have made limited-edition Christmas shirts a popular island tradition. Reyn Spooner first introduced its Hawaiian Christmas shirt in 1983. This year’s commemorative shirt is available in a pullover or button-front style, in four colors and features a collage of an ornament, poinsettia, Hawaiian wreath, mistletoe and a lei-wearing nene bird.

At Tori Richard, there are three different button-front, back-embroidered holiday shirts for 2012. The “Holiday R&R” shows Santa resting under a coconut tree, the “X-mas Coral” has a diving Santa delivering presents undersea, and “Naughty & Nice” features a touring rock star Santa with a guitar in his hands.

Also fitting for a party is Tori Richard’s “How To Cure a Hangover” shirt displaying nine recipes for a better morning after. As for the doctor’s orders in treating a hangover, it’s hydration and rest. “I would recommend a good low-fat nutritious breakfast, such as toast with jelly, and something easy to eat like soup or low-fat cream of wheat,” says Dr. Robert Jao, assistant clinical professor of medicine at UH School of Medicine. “Perhaps somebody feels bloated and likes to burp, Ginger Ale and Sprite would help. And the medical advice would be to sleep enough.

If you wake up too early…that makes the hangover worse. And drink enough water, even if you wake up to drink water.”

Like Rudolph’s red nose, Asians are often seen with a red glow from drinking. Sometimes even after just one shot, cocktail or beer. Over-the-counter antacid drugs such as Pepcid AC and Zantac have gotten street cred for curing the Asian flush. But doctors do not recommend this, and pharmaceutical companies most likely don’t endorse it.

“It’s not a medically supported tip, but people have known it from trial and error, and it’s been passed around,” says Jao. “It’s really dangerous and it shouldn’t be used because people overdrink on it.”

As for your wardrobe, you may have the coolest shirt on, but make sure the attention is there for the right reasons.

For instance, unsightly sweat stains from your underarms can be visible even without lifting your arms. If you are known to perspire, go to the restroom and dab your underarms with paper towels throughout the evening. Also, make sure your antiperspirant is completely dry before putting on your shirt.

Many ladies live for the chance to get all dolled up, and make every effort to look polished from head to toe. It should be no different for men. Take the time to get a haircut, clean up the eyebrows, trim those nosehairs, shave, take care of your skin (men can get facials too), and get a manicure/pedicure. Fashion expert Tim Gunn once said on Oprah, “Your wardrobe can be fabulous, but if everything happening around [your face] is a big, hot mess, it doesn’t matter.”